How Mold Grows and Spreads

What most home owners constantly overlook once they discover a serious or even moderate mold infection is the original cause of it and also how it can spread and effect the residents of either their home or business. Commercial insurance agents often times justify their premium plans based on water and mold remediation as it can have a very serious effect on the day to day health of anyone that comes into contact with it as well as on the structural integrity of your home or business itself.

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Understanding Mold and It’s Starting Point

First you need to understand how this harmful bacteria got into your home or business, how can you start with the remediation procedure? The starting point of any type of bacteria like this is always water – and more specifically moisture. Keeping that in mind, disastrous water damage can cause mould, but so can un-addressed moisture around the entrance ways of your home. During spring melt times slush and other precipitation can make its way into your home through basement windows, lobby entrances and tons of other ways. Over time this can grow into a mould problem that can lead to breathing difficulty and those horrible brown stains that are so recognizable. Stemming the tide of moisture from all these entry points is the first step in dealing with mold. There is no point in ripping up carpets or taking down drywall to find mold if more will materialize in a matter of a few days.

Secondly, once you’ve made sure all the excess moisture is cleaned up you’re going to want to invest in a comprehensive testing and inspection service. Most mould grows and festers out of sight, so cleaning up just the visible dark stains can be a costly mistake – both financially and for your families health. Often times your property insurance deductible should cover the testing and inspection service, and your local Ottawa mold removal service will often include this as a part of their offerings. Don’t skimp on this as it can be massively costly and easy to overlook.

Finally, make sure you go with a mold remediation company that is trusted and has the correct equipment to deal with the type of property and scale you’re looking at. Often times in catastrophic situations large scale equipment and cavity testing machines may be needed to look into ventilation shafts and behind drywall to verify the safety of the property before and after the remediation process.…